Va bene pizzeria

This project was an exciting adventure, during which we achieved several crucial milestones:

  • E-commerce site integrated with the checkout system: We developed a bespoke e-commerce website, enabling customers to order online with ease. Each order goes directly through our cash register system, guaranteeing smooth transaction management.
  • POS system connected to kitchen and delivery personnel: Our POS system is not just a billing tool, it’s also connected to the kitchen to ensure efficient order preparation. What’s more, it’s synchronized with our delivery drivers for fast, accurate delivery.
  • Equipment installation: We also took care of the complete installation of the equipment, ensuring that everything worked perfectly from the moment Pizzeria Va Bene opened.

It’s all down to the hard work and exceptional collaboration of our team. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a complete cash register system, covering everything from the website to invoicing and delivery notes.






5 pages | Secure payment | e-commerce | Inventory management

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